Get First In Line for Prevention Research Study

In collaboration with a renown national prevention research company, I am seeking input from high school guidance counselors for a major prevention research grant proposal we are preparing that will target high school seniors as they transition into post-secondary life as a young adult.

We are proposing to develop an online substance use prevention program targeting high school seniors and their parents in the spring semester of their Senior year. The transition from high school to young adult life is a high risk period for increased substance use. Reaching students at this time and before graduation to help prevent or reduce substance use is vitally important.

The content of the online program will focus on substance use, but will also talk about the transition they are about to make and the choices they will encounter at that time.

Although the target is long term prevention of substance use, we expect there will be short-term benefits even before graduation (such as reducing use and/or negative consequences of use during prom or graduation), that high schools will find important.

We are planning to recruit high schools / school districts nationally to participate in this study. The grant would cover all the costs of the program for the students, along with all necessary training of staff.

We expect that once a school decides to participate, we would most likely be working with guidance counselors to implement the program at their school. 

At this time, we are in need of input by high school guidance counselors to help us determine the best strategies and incentives to secure their participation in the study, the participation of high school seniors in the actual prevention program and ideas on how it can integrate and enhance their prevention efforts locally.

This feedback is crucial in not only preparing a fundable proposal, but carrying out a successful project after it is funded.

Are you a high school guidance counselor and would you be willing to participate in a brief online focus group to offer this important feedback?

Participating in the focus group does NOT require you to participate in the study if it is funded. It simply extends you and your school the first opportunity to be one of the limited number schools involved in the project.

I am offering two online focus group opportunties for you to participate in. They will be held Thursday, January 21, at 2:00 pm EST and 3:30 pm EST.

If you are interested in participating in one of the two focus groups, email me as soon as possible at Please tell me which focus group you want to join in (2:00 pm EST or 3:30 pm EST). I also need you to provide me your name and the name and address of your school, along with a phone number and email address you can be reached at. I will send you the log in information for the focus group of your choice by Tuesday, January 19.

This is a very exciting opportunity to make a difference in the world of prevention research, future prevention programming and in the lives of your students! I hope you join me in this endeavor

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