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How to Facilitate Standards for Getting Along with Your Students

A how-to video on empowering middle and high school student to establish their own standards for getting along and holding each other accountable to them


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How to Establish Getting Along Standards with 4th and 5th Graders

A how-to video for engaging late elementary students in establishing their own standards of behavior for getting along!



Four Strategies to Prevent Lying, Stealing, Cheating & Bullying with Late Elementary Students

A webinar revealing the most effective strategies and activities you can use in school classrooms and community-based setting to prevent problem behaviors with late elementary students.



“Bringing Restorative Practices to Your Students” Webinar – Part 1

There is no better time than now to learn why restorative practices are important. Your students are isolated, anxious, lonely and scared while sheltering during this time of a pandemic. Restorative practices will help you respond to their emotional and mental needs – helping them feel safe and heard and more ready to engage and learn when your doors open again and you welcome your students back! No matter if you have no experience or lots of experience with restorative practices, you need to meet Bill Michener. His extensive training experience, coupled with his passion for and hands-on experience using restorative practices with kids, is invaluable as the guest presenter in this webinar. 


“How To Successfully Bring Restorative Practices to your Students” Webinar – Part 2

This webinar is Part 2 of a series of webinars on restorative practices. The first webinar introduced restorative practices and the importance of them in responding to the emotional and mental needs of your students. Research shows restorative practices help students feel safe and heard and more ready to engage and learn, especially after traumatic experiences – including living with COVID-19. In this Part 2 webinar, guest presenters, Bill Michener and Nicole Herrera, will offer you insights on the “how to” of bringing restorative practices to the students you serve.


All Stars Training Opportunities

Are you wanting to teach All Stars Core virtually with your students? Are you nervous and worried about how to teach online? Would you like tips, insights and inside secrets on how to deliver the All Stars Core lessons virtually with fidelity, manage online student behavior, build trust and respect in an online community and how to highly engage students in online conversations and group or partner work? If you answered, “YES!”, to just one of these questions then you need to register for this 90-minute on-demand, self-paced training that will ease your worries, give you confidence and answer all of your questions on how to teach All Stars Core virtually. The training is open to ALL certified trained All Stars Core teachers. If you have not been certified trained yet in All Stars Core and want to register in this special training, then you want to first enroll in the All Stars Core Signature training below.


The All Stars Character Education training prepares you to deliver our prevention program for 4th and/or 5th graders with ease, confidence and positive results! The training course is available online and includes five training modules that take approximately four hours to complete. This self-paced course allows you to “stop and go” as your schedule allows. Completing all five training modules while having access to the course for three weeks and earning a satisfactory grade on the training assessment at the end of the course will earn you certification as an All Stars Character Education teacher!


The All Stars Core Signature training prepares you to deliver our first-year middle school program. It’s step-by-step instruction, in-depth insights and wealth of supplemental resources makes this training invaluable to every new All Stars Core teacher working with middle school students! This self-paced online course includes five training modules and allows you to “stop and go” while having access to the course for six weeks. You also get access to a recorded Q&A session following each module with Kathleen answering the most common questions asked about the module’s training content. Watch all five modules (total of 8 hours) and successfully complete assessments along the way and you will be certified as an All Stars Core teacher! 


Take advantage of a special offer to buy one additional training for just $100!

The All Stars Booster teacher training prepares you to deliver our second-year middle school prevention program. This training will reinforce concepts taught in All Stars Core, but will also introduce you to new lessons, new activities and new methods exclusive to All Stars Booster. Getting proven tips and ideas from already-trained Booster teachers is a highlight of this training. The training course is online and ready for you to do at your own pace over the course of three weeks. Becoming a certified All Stars Booster teacher is easy once you complete all four hours of training and a final training assessment!


The All Stars Plus training will prepare you to deliver the third program in our middle school series. This course introduces you to specific skills taught in All Stars Plus and teaches you methods on how to effectively train them with your students. Supplemental resources and tip sheets are plentiful with this training. The course is online and available for you to watch on your own time while having access to it for three weeks. After completing the four hour training and a final assessment, you will be on your way as a certified All Stars Plus teacher!


It doesn’t matter which All Stars training you do, they are all highly engaging, include tips and insights you won’t find anywhere else, provide more resources, templates and tools than you will know what to do with and give you a deep understanding of why you will do what you do in All Stars!

Contact Kathleen if you are interested in scheduling your own private online training group or hosting an onsite, in-person training for any of the All Stars programs!

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