In my twenty plus years in education, I have attended many professional development sessions. Kathleen is among the best presenters with which I have ever worked! She is completely knowledgeable about the program and passionate about helping teachers to help kids. The training is structured so that participants are engaged throughout in meaningful and relevant learning activities. ~ Michelle; Assistant Superintendent for Academic Success of Smithville School District
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As a trainer, Kathleen is wonderful! She does a great job explaining things and I appreciate that she does so from a “been there, done that” aspect. She understands not just the material, but what we as teachers in the classroom are dealing with. ~Elizabeth; Afterschool Program Coordinator
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When I was told I was going to a training, I was dreading it. But, I walked away from training with Kathleen wishing I had gotten it much sooner in my career. She gave me more practical tips and insights than any other training I've been to over the last 20 years. ~Seth; Health and PE Teacher
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I've attended the same training with Kathleen three times! It's not because she didn't train me well the first time. It's because I just love being around her energy! When I need to be revitalized in my work with kids, I know Kathleen's training is what I need! It does the trick every time and guess what? I also walk away learning new things I can use in my work, too! ~Deb; Prevention Specialist
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Training Opportunities

The All Stars Character Education training prepares you to deliver our prevention program for 4th and/or 5th graders with ease, confidence and positive results! The training course is available online and includes five training modules that take approximately four hours to complete. This self-paced course allows you to “stop and go” as your schedule allows. Completing all five training modules while having access to the course for three weeks and earning a satisfactory grade on the training assessment at the end of the course will earn you certification as an All Stars Character Education teacher!

The All Stars Core training prepares you to deliver our first-year middle school program. It’s step-by-step instruction, in-depth insights and wealth of supplemental resources makes this training invaluable to anyone working with middle school students! This self-paced online course includes five training modules and allows you to “stop and go” while having access to the course for six weeks. You also get access to a recorded Q&A session following each module with Kathleen answering the most common questions asked about the module’s training content. Watch all five modules (total of 8 hours) and successfully complete assessments along the way and you will be certified as an All Stars Core teacher! 

The All Stars Booster teacher training prepares you to deliver our second-year middle school prevention program. This training will reinforce concepts taught in All Stars Core, but will also introduce you to new lessons, new activities and new methods exclusive to All Stars Booster. Getting proven tips and ideas from already-trained Booster teachers is a highlight of this training. The training course is online and ready for you to do at your own pace over the course of three weeks. Becoming a certified All Stars Booster teacher is easy once you complete all four hours of training and a final training assessment!

The All Stars Plus training will prepare you to deliver the third program in our middle school series. This course introduces you to specific skills taught in All Stars Plus and teaches you methods on how to effectively train them with your students. Supplemental resources and tip sheets are plentiful with this training. The course is online and available for you to watch on your own time while having access to it for three weeks. After completing the four hour training and a final assessment, you will be on your way as a certified All Stars Plus teacher!

Online training for our new version of All Stars Senior for high school students is coming soon! Be watching for more information!

It doesn’t matter which All Stars training you do, they are all highly engaging, include tips and insights you won’t find anywhere else, provide more resources, templates and tools than you will know what to do with and give you a deep understanding of why you will do what you do in All Stars!

Contact Kathleen if you are interested in scheduling your own private online training group or hosting an onsite, in-person training for any of the All Stars programs!