Hi. I’m Kathleen. I’m a leading substance use prevention educator, coach and consultant who has trained more than 10,000 people across the globe. My 34 years of prevention experience comes from working with schools, community-based youth programs and non-profit agencies, serving as a trainer for a national prevention research-based company and now blessed with my own business – KNS Learning Solutions. I offer my clients training, resources and support in effective prevention strategies and teaching methods, parent engagement, community and school support, group facilitation skills, grant writing and leadership development. I’m also the licensed trainer for All Stars – a series of research-based prevention curricula for students in grades 4-12. Everything I do is driven by my passion for kids and my desire to give the adults in their lives the best so the kids can get and be their best!

Research-Based Solutions to Achieve the Most Powerful Prevention Outcomes

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I’ve been training All Stars for over 25 years with 18 of them employed by the program researcher and developer, Dr. William Hansen. I’ve trained thousands of teachers around the world and my greatest joy is watching the transformation that happens with each training participant from the beginning to the end of the training. Light bulbs go off, passion is renewed, excitement builds and common sense kicks in! I look forward to having you go on a transformational journey with me.

"The prevention program I was teaching required me to lecture or "talk at" my students. It was hard for me to engage my students. They were bored. Kathleen's training introduced me to the "All Stars" model. It was exactly what I needed! Its hands-on, highly engaging and student-driven approach is better than anything I have ever taught in my classroom. Best of all, it's fun for the students and achieves high impact outcomes! She put the joy back in to my work with kids!"

~ Stephanie, Middle School Health Teacher


All Stars...Building Bright Futures

All Stars is a family of research-based and proven prevention curriculum. Depending on the age or grade you want to reach will determine which curriculum you choose to teach. Choose from All Stars Character Education for 4th and 5th graders, All Stars Core, Booster and Plus for middle school students and All Stars Senior for high school students. It doesn’t matter which curriculum you choose. They will all enrich the lives of your students today and well into the future!

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I believe every child can have the brightest and best future for themselves when we believe in and expect the best of them, empower and support them and invest in our own professional development so we can do and be our best for them! They deserve it.